Many international students try to find jobs to support their studies but often find it difficult to get a good source of income.

On top of that, they are not allowed to work full time in most countries due to their study visa conditions. 😭

We understand how tough it may be to manage your studies as an international student abroad.

We bring you the best opportunity to earn money without disturbing your international studies.

Earn Money While Studying Abroad

✅ If you’re studying in countries such as Australia, Canada, the USA or the UK, you can easily make some good cash by participating in online paid surveys.

🔥 If you’re thinking paid surveys are scams, you should know that not all sites are scams!

A number of market research companies offer online surveys to improve their products and services. That’s the reason they pay for students’ opinions.

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Want to know more about paid surveys? Keep reading 👇

What is a Paid Survey?

Online paid surveys are questionnaires that you complete where you are paid for your participation in the research.

This is basically how paid surveys work, although the surveys themselves can vary in length, topic and rewards.

Why do you get paid to participate in surveys?

When people hear about generating money online, the first word that comes to mind is SCAM – and this is a valid assumption to make.

While there are fraudulent survey sites, there are also reputable online survey sites.

So why are you being paid for doing surveys? Because survey websites are an effective tool for companies to perform market research.

Companies are eager to conduct paid market surveys online and pay you for surveys in order to avoid the cost of conducting large-scale surveys in other ways.

How do I take online surveys?

Once you join any market research panel such as Toluna or Survey Junkie, you will receive an email notification to participate in paid surveys.

The study’s (survey) topic, the length of time it will take you to complete it, and the remuneration given will all be indicated in the invites you receive. It’s always your choice whether or not you want to participate in paid surveys.

Once you’ve completed enough online surveys, you can request a reward choice by logging back into your paid survey site account. This could be in the form of cash, a gift card, or merchandise, among other things.

After that, the survey site will send you your reward, and you can repeat the process!

Online Paid Surveys Hacks / Tips

When it comes to making money using surveys, there are a few crucial rules to remember:

  1. Never pay for information about online surveys (some sites charge upwards of $40 just to get a list of survey sites!)
  2. Set up a different email account for your survey-taking activities.
  3. Before joining any survey site, do your research; use the Survey Legit Rankings to find the top-rated survey sites in your nation.
  4. Always read reviews for survey sites, just as you would for any other website. If you go to a review site that only publishes favourable reviews, be suspicious.
  5. Ensure that any survey site you join has contact information so you can always contact for any survey issues.
  6. Find a privacy policy for the survey sites you’re interested in. Even better, spend a few minutes going over it to see what information survey site takes from you.

How do you get paid for surveys?

PayPal is the most popular of all, as it is available in over 200 countries and 25 currencies. Cash payment choices vary by online survey site.

Some survey respondents prefer to get their funds using more traditional methods such as checks and bank transfers. If you want to receive your payment in a specific way, make sure the survey sites you join offer you to do so.

How to find legitimate survey sites?

Of course, not all online survey websites are legitimate, so do your homework. However, international students have access to a plethora of legitimate online survey sites via the Surveys Legit.

Here’s the best list of paid surveys to help you get started:

📌 Online Surveys By Rewards

  1. PayPal Cash reward surveys
  2. Amazon Gift Cards surveys
  3. Bitcoin surveys

😍 Paid Surveys by Country

If you’re from these countries, you can easily make money by participating in online paid surveys in your spare time.