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Australia is a country rich in culture and variety. Living in a new nation may be a very different experience, and your way of life is likely to alter as well. We’ve put together some materials to assist you to adjust to life in Australia.

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Climate and the Map

The temperature in Australia may take some getting accustomed to for international students from Europe and North America, as the seasons in Australia are reversed from those in Europe and North America. Because Australia is made up of a diverse range of habitats, including beaches, deserts, grazing areas, and coral reefs, the climate changes greatly depending on the location.

Individuals and Culture

Australia is a culturally varied nation. Its religion, language, history, and art are all unique. International students studying in Australia will be immersed in an interesting and diverse environment.

Accommodation for International Students

When planning to study in Australia, international students must first decide where they will reside. The majority of Australian students live off-campus in homestays, hostels, or rented apartments. Some Australian institutions, on the other hand, provide accommodation alternatives for international students, allowing them to mingle with local students.

Getting Around Australia is a huge country, therefore transportation is crucial. International students should always be able to travel where they need to go, whether by bus, train, ridesharing, bike, or aircraft.

Money is important

While tuition in Australia is typically less expensive than in other countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, international students must nevertheless budget and manage their funds carefully.

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Conditions for obtaining a visa

Non-Australian nationals and permanent residents are permitted to study in Australia. There are a few prerequisites that must be met. Find out the paperwork you’ll require and where you can get them.

Pandemic Impact on Australia

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the number of international student visa applications has dropped dramatically. Figure 1 shows the number of student visa applications from 2006 to 2020 for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year (April to June). Only looking at the fourth quarter of each year allows for a more accurate comparison of the coronavirus’ influence on international student applications. Because the extensive travel restrictions that began in March 2020 impacted the April to June 2020 quarter, it was the first complete quarter to be impacted.


Why should you study in Australia?

Even though the COVID-19 had a severe impact on international studies in Australia but there are plenty of reasons to study in Australia.

What you take away from Australia’s finest institutions is a cutting-edge education that prepares you for a world of possibilities. Those studying in Australia are thought to have limitless opportunities for success. Let’s take a look at why Australia is the newest hotspot for international students looking to study abroad:

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Globally Ranking Universities

  • According to QS world rankings, 7 out of 43 universities are among the top 100 universities in the world.
    Five of them are among the top 50 in the world.
  • In Australia, there is a strong structure in place to oversee government accreditations and the quality of higher education. It assures that students have access to a high-quality university education and to worldwide educational standards.

An approach that is both research-intensive and technologically advanced

  • IV F, Wi-Fi, Penicillin, and the Cervical Cancer Vaccine were all successfully developed and discovered at Australian schools and institutions.
  • Over the last 18 years, university research funding has more than doubled in Australia. The Australian government also funds programmes that promote worldwide linkages, allowing you to pursue your dream research while studying here.

A Wide Range of Educational Programs are Available

  • There are a variety of flexible course options available, including part-time and online courses.
  • ELICOS (English Language Courses) and Vocational Education Training programmes are available as pathway programmes to degrees.
  • You can learn while working with a VET programme.

Australia is both safe and welcoming to international students

  • With immigration from over 100 nations, it is a culturally varied country.
  • Six locations in Australia are in the Top 50 QS Best Student Cities.
  • ESOS ACT provides a comprehensive support system for international students. The legislation establishes a framework for laws and policies that ensure international students’ rights are protected.
  • 30% of the Australian population was born overseas.

Post Graduation Employment Statistics

Your education in Australia qualifies you to work in the global workforce. Graduates from Australian educational institutions are welcomed by potential employers in Australia and around the world.

  • 79 percent of graduates are employed full-time.
  • 6% of students decided to continue their education.
  • Self-employed students account for 4% of all students.

Scholarships and Funds

  • Australia’s government spends $200 million each year on scholarships, fellowships, and grants for international students.
  • Australian Awards, Destination Australia, Australian Government Research Training Program, APEC Women in Research Fellowship, and Provider Scholarships are just a few of the prominent international student funds.